Gilgamesh Studio

Gilgamesh – The Movie


Welcome to the enchanting world of “Gilgamesh,” a captivating 3D animated movie that intertwines fantasy and history in a tale specially crafted for kids and teens. Embark on an unforgettable journey as we delve into the epic adventures of Gilgamesh, a young and courageous hero who dares to traverse through a realm where mythical creatures and ancient civilizations collide.


Set in a mesmerizing world, “Gilgamesh” draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of historical events, transporting audiences to a bygone era where legendary figures come to life. Within this magical realm, we witness the rise of Gilgamesh, a spirited youth destined for greatness, who forms unbreakable bonds with friends and allies from diverse backgrounds.

In this one-hour cinematic masterpiece, the line between imagination and history blurs, seamlessly blending fantastical elements with real historical settings. Audiences will be awed by the intricately designed landscapes, brimming with majestic cities and lush landscapes. From the towering ziggurats of Mesopotamia to the mythical forests inhabited by mystical creatures, the visual spectacle of “Gilgamesh” is a treat for the eyes.


“Gilgamesh” is not just a feast for the eyes but also for the soul, as it weaves profound life lessons, friendship, and courage into the narrative. This 3D animated marvel presents an enthralling coming-of-age story, where the young protagonist discovers the true meaning of leadership, empathy, and resilience.

As the plot unfolds, we find Gilgamesh and his companions facing trials and tribulations that test their mettle, as well as unraveling secrets of ancient civilizations and forgotten myths. Along the way, they encounter mythical beasts, wise sages, and deities who challenge their beliefs and guide them on the path to self-discovery.

Whether you’re a wide-eyed child or a curious teen, “Gilgamesh” promises an exhilarating adventure that will spark your imagination and leave you mesmerized. Prepare to be spellbound by a compelling blend of fantasy and history, and join us as we witness the birth of a hero who etches his name in the annals of time. So gather your family and friends, and let “Gilgamesh” take you on a thrilling ride through a world where the past and the fantastical converge in the most spectacular fashion.